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Vinyl Glove Sizing Guide and More Helpful Information

Gloves are used in a variety of industries. They come in an array of materials and sizes. When it comes to , they are most commonly used in industries that handle viruses and bacteria to ensure that they do not get transmitted across individuals and surfaces. The foodservice industry, for instance, makes use of nitrile glove to prevent the potential spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs. A lot of food establishments choose these gloves because they are not only affordable but also completely effective in protecting the food products they are preparing as well as themselves.

Compared to latex gloves, vinyl gloves are much stronger and affordable. The vinyl in these gloves is composed of synthetic polymer that is more resistant to punctures and tears in comparison to latex. A lot of companies that are part of the food handling and food preparation industries use these vinyl gloves widely because they provide them an almost bare-hand feeling when grasping various items that they need to take care of. Compared to latex, vinyl is a synthetic substance that rarely leads to allergic reactions. Aside from these food industries, the cleaning industry also makes use of these gloves so they have an effective barrier against infection and bacteria that may be present in various areas that they need to clean such as restrooms. The same goes for dealing with hazardous biological material and making sure to clean them up.

Similar to other types of gloves, vinyl gloves come in a wide variety of sizes. You can also choose them in either powder-free or powdered variants. The powder is added to some varieties of vinyl gloves so that it becomes easier for users to put the gloves on. Also, the powder is used to effectively keep the hands of users free from perspiration.

Based on industry standards, there should generally be a hundred gloves present in one box. At the same time, all of these gloves should fit both hands of the person who bought them. In terms of vinyl glove sizes, they range from small to medium. Small vinyl gloves often fit a hand size that is 8 and below. Medium vinyl gloves, meanwhile, often fit a hand size of 9. For large vinyl gloves, on the other hand, they make the perfect fit for individuals with a hand size of 10. Finally, extra-large vinyl gloves are often fitted for people whose hand size is 12 and beyond.

Vinyl gloves are often used among workers in postal service firms as a precautionary measure against terrorism. They serve as an effective barrier against germs, bacteria, and viruses that may be sent alongside packages and letters. All in all, the use of vinyl gloves is an effective means of keeping oneself safe as well as those people around them. Here is a post with additional information about gloves, kindly check it out:

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